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Tablet and phone

One of the problems of modern health care , and not only in our country is that we always do not carry a doctor’s appointment , forget to take medications prescribed to us. With the forgetfulness of people to fight hard , but you can come up with methods to overcome it. Here we introduce you to a number of devices and applications that will help you remember to take medication on time .

When people forget to take medication or do not take it as prescribed by your doctor , it is reflected in their health and may even lead to a crisis and unplanned hospitalization . Unfortunately, this sin all – and the elderly , because of his forgetfulness , and children , because of their carelessness and lack of control on the part of parents and people in the prime of their forces in the mistaken belief that it is all nonsense , and everything is to be held .

Compliance dose and timing of medication according to the doctor’s appointment and observance of all prescribed therapy are often critical to obtaining a favorable treatment outcome. There are several simple innovative techniques that have the potential to have a significant impact on the correction of the situation . These methods have been widely used in developed countries , and in this we may well learn from them .

Reminders like CeyHello on your smartphone. Today, almost all have cell phones, will soon be replaced by smartphones. And specialized application or service reminders that it’s time to take a particular medicine works well, helping those who are too busy, distracted or suffer from memory loss.

The intuitive interface of CeyHello allows using the built-in database of these drugs , very quickly create a list of your medications and schedule reminders . And all this can be done not only for themselves , but for all family members who are in need. If people still forget to take the medicine after the reminder, it will in a few hours will receive an additional message on your phone.

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