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postheadericon Use This App And You Won’t Forget To Take Medication

Tablet and phone

One of the problems of modern health care , and not only in our country is that we always do not carry a doctor’s appointment , forget to take medications prescribed to us. With the forgetfulness of people to fight hard , but you can come up with methods to overcome it. Here we introduce you to a number of devices and applications that will help you remember to take medication on time .

When people forget to take medication or do not take it as prescribed by your doctor , it is reflected in their health and may even lead to a crisis and unplanned hospitalization . Unfortunately, this sin all – and the elderly , because of his forgetfulness , and children , because of their carelessness and lack of control on the part of parents and people in the prime of their forces in the mistaken belief that it is all nonsense , and everything is to be held .

Compliance dose and timing of medication according to the doctor’s appointment and observance of all prescribed therapy are often critical to obtaining a favorable treatment outcome. There are several simple innovative techniques that have the potential to have a significant impact on the correction of the situation . These methods have been widely used in developed countries , and in this we may well learn from them .

Reminders like CeyHello on your smartphone. Today, almost all have cell phones, will soon be replaced by smartphones. And specialized application or service reminders that it’s time to take a particular medicine works well, helping those who are too busy, distracted or suffer from memory loss.

The intuitive interface of CeyHello allows using the built-in database of these drugs , very quickly create a list of your medications and schedule reminders . And all this can be done not only for themselves , but for all family members who are in need. If people still forget to take the medicine after the reminder, it will in a few hours will receive an additional message on your phone.

postheadericon Healthy Habits Life

General information

The general rules for healthy life can be summarized as follows :

  • Healthy food
  • Make excersice
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • Do not take drugs
  • Denture care
  • Personal development

Healthy food

The first is to have a healthy diet, the amounts of each of the nutrients are balanced with each other. The group of experts from the FAO WHO (Helsinki 1988) established the following proportions:

Proteins should represent 15% of total caloric intake, never being less than the total amount of protein ingested 0.75 g / day and high biological value. (See more: Proteins)
Carbohydrates or sugars bring us at least 55-60% of total caloric intake. (See also: Carbohydrates)
Lipids or fats not exceed 30% of total calories consumed (see: Fats)

Make excersice

Physical exercise is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. The lack of activity is one of the main causes of weakness and poor health. It is directly related to a number of problems such as arthritis and rheumatism. In addition, heart problems originate from poor blood circulation (which could be improved through exercise).

Do not smoke or drink alcohol

Both snuff and alcohol can cause poor quality of life for the harmful effects on the lungs, circulation, heart, liver and predispose to the formation of different cancers.

Do not take drugs

Do not take drugs, not only illegal, but also medications (anxiolytics analgesics, etc.) can generate certain dependencies and liver problems or insomnia to leave.

Denture care

A good cleaning teeth and gums after every meal and a visit to the dentist every year is critical when it comes to achieving overall wellness.

Personal development

A healthy lifestyle requires you to change your current lifestyle, your behavior and your attitudes. This we can easily do if you get an internal development. That way you will fulfill the purpose that you have proposed. Avoid stress, work fatigue, etc. Make and keep friends.