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postheadericon Athletes Need Supplements To Overcome Sports Injuries

Athlete Supplements

Very often during their rigorous training sessions or on the sporting arena, the athletes suffer from muscular fatigue. During muscular fatigue, due to fermentation reaction taking place within the muscle cells, lactic acid develops. This causes the actual muscular fatigue. Muscular fatigue leads to intense pain. Athletes are also at a risk of getting injured while training or playing. The intense work out sessions that each athlete needs to undergo makes them highly prone to developing injuries. Once the athletes develop some sort of sports injuries, they take recourse to traditional therapy like applying ice, taking rest, compressing the area, elevation, etc. However, they are not aware of the benefits of a proper nutritious diet in curing sports injuries. In fact, there are a number of Athlete Supplements, that is, food supplements that are suitable for intake by the athletes to relieve themselves from the pains of sports injuries.

Need for Supplements

Sports nutritionists are of the opinion that athletes need supplements very much during injuries. This is because, the basal metabolism rate of the body increases a lot during the recovery period from sports injuries. For instance, a female athlete whose regular daily requirement is about 1600 calories would require almost 2000 calories during a bone fracture. So, there is definitely an additional nutritional requirement during healing of an injury. Experiments on animal models have also testified to the fact that additional nutrient supplements like vitamin supplements, amino acid supplements, etc are important in healing wounds rapidly.

Common Sports Supplements


Vitamin B

Vitamin B comprises of a class of many vitamins that are responsible for the maintenance of the proper functioning of the body parts. Vitamin B is involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. So it has an important role to play in healing of sports injuries. Research has shown that vitamin B plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of the athletes.

Athlete Supplements []

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is required by our body to synthesize collagen. The collagen protein is extremely important for the strength and flexibility of the body. It is also involved in repair of injuries to the bones and ligaments. In fact, vitamin C is useful to strengthen the bones. Athletes suffering from sports injuries are often advised to consume about 1000mg of vitamin C, four times a day, regularly to overcome injuries.

Vitamin E
In case of muscle damages, there is an increase in concentration of free radicals in the blood. Vitamin E is known to reduce their levels.

Vitamin K
It is a well known coagulating agent. Any kind of bleeding that is associated with a sports injury requires the intake of Vitamin K in the diet to cure.

Thus, to overcome sports injuries, Athlete Supplements [] are a must. Aside vitamins, other minerals and enzymes also play an important role in the repair of tissue and bone damage. Athlete Supplements