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postheadericon What Are Baseball Pitchbacks and How Are They Used?

If you are serious about improving your skills, then you should invest in a baseball pitchback. This is an effective aid for your workouts and practice sessions. It is a fundamental piece of equipment used to enhance the skills of players of all ages. It helps them develop agility, coordination, reflexes and their ability to catch the ball.


Pitchbacks are good to use for individual and team training. They can simulate ground balls, line drives, and pop-ups to assist in specific areas of player development for pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders. They are adjustable so you can put it at any angle you want according to the drill you are working on.

An infielder can set it to return ground balls, difficult short hops or simulate any kind of hit ball. Once the pitchback is set, the player can throw the ball at the right spot on the net so that it will return the ball how the player wants it. This also works on accuracy because the player has to be accurate when throwing the ball at the screen.

Pop up drills can also be done by the coach standing close to the baseball pitchback and throwing the ball at the screen and letting it bounce back up in the air for the player to turn and go catch it. The screen can be tilted back so that the ball reflects up in the air for a fly ball or line drive, according to how much it is tilted.

How & Why are baseball pitchbacksused?

This piece of equipment is useful for pitching practice. Players are able to improve their ball throwing accuracy and work on their catching abilities. The main benefits of using this equipment include:

€ Improvement in pitching and throwing capabilities
With this equipment rebounding balls to you, you can go all out in your training session without worrying about balls going too far away or harming anyone. It also allows you to work on the accuracy of your pitching and throwing since you have to aim at a limited space.
€ Improvement in catching capabilities
The rebounding allows you to work on your catching capabilities. This therefore is great practice for all players.
€ Improvement in reflexes
The equipment bounces back the balls at different angles depending on the angle of the net and the speed of the pitch. You can therefore work on your reflexes, as it is difficult to tell in which direction the ball will go flying in.

Be sure to check with your local supplier and purchase the equipment that will meet your needs. It is important to ensure that you also check on the grade of the net. Be sure that you purchase equipment that will last for a long time.