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postheadericon The Best Baseballs Pants In History!


Baseball is not only a sport where people showcase their playing skills,fans also admire teams and players for their dressing style. Baseball pants have been a matter of great admiration over the years. A number of teams, of the present as well past era, are/were appreciated for their pants. Here is a list of baseball pants that have considered among the best types on the baseball field:

1912 New York Highlanders

The New York Yankees is one of the most celebrated baseball team. The team is not only appreciated for their records in the Leagues but also for their pants. Back in 1912 the team was known by the name New York Highlanders. The pinstriped pants were a part of the teams uniform even around 100 years ago. The trousers ended around the knees and allow a lot of exposure to stirrups. The pants were not as baggy as the types of pants worn by many other teams of the era. It was just loose enough to free body movement.

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers

The uniform worn by the team in 1955 was introduced in 1952 when Dodgers experimented with numbers on the front of their jerseys. Besides the jersey, the uniform was also appreciated for the type of pants worn by the players. The trousers worn by the players were slightly lower than the knee length. Smaller length of shocks and matching shoes added to the charm of the uniform.

1917 Chicago White Sox

This is another celebrated MLB team. White Sox are also appreciated for their dressing style. Both the jerseys and pants of the team received admiration from fans. The jersey had miniature the US national flag on the sleeves while the pants were in baggy style. The narrow stripes on the side of the trousers and the color of the matching stirrups enhanced the look of the pants. The baseball leather belt also added to the charm of the wear.

1975 Houston Astros

The uniform worn by the Astros in the 1975 season has admirers as well as critics. Though the jersey is not liked by many, the pants worn by the players were noted for their looks. It is a modern type of baseball pants and came in slim fit style. Player’s number on the right thigh and stripes on the sides of the pants were some of the striking feature of the pants. As mentioned above it is a modern type of attire the trousers did not end around the knees but stretched a little lower. Type of shocks worn with the uniform should also be credited for enhancing the look of the baseball pants.

1982 Chicago White Sox

This uniform is more or less inspired by the above version worn by the Astros, at least the pants and shocks were. There are many differences in these two types of trousers as well. These pants had players number of the left thighs unlike the above uniform. The stripes were in red and blue combination.