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postheadericon How To Play Basketball Overseas

Do you want to know how to play basketball overseas? There’s a ton of money to be made playing professionally overseas, you can have all the talent in the world, but still not make it overseas, if you don’t have the correct blueprint.

Growing up, I like many other kids in my neighborhood had a dream of playing basketball professionally. Of course, the ultimate goal is the NBA, but if you fall short, overseas is the next best option.
Why would you want to play basketball overseas?
Well there are several reasons you would want to play basketball overseas.
-You’re still playing professionally. If you watch international basketball, FIBA, the World Championships, the Olympics, etc. You will notice that the gap in the level of competition has decreased and you have more players from other countries playing in the NBA. You also have a lot of high profile players both NBA and college players who didn’t get drafted playing overseas.
Bottom line the level of competition is high and you still have a chance of playing in the NBA.
-Not only is it tax free money, they also give you a car and an apartment. I know guys who I played against & with that play overseas, and I know guys who were legends overseas. The money is great and it’s tax free… you can’t beat that! If you make $585,000 a year, that’s what you are going to get.
-You get to travel the world and play in front of diehard fans. Listen, just be prepared for the fact that one year you may be playing in Greece, then next year or even 10 games later you could be playing in Brazil. I mean who wouldn’t want that thrill of playing the sport you love all across the world.
How to play basketball overseas: How do you do it?
Upon graduating from college, the following year I had an opportunity to try out for some CBA and overseas scouts, but I didn’t get a chance to because I tore some ligaments in my ankle. The way I was able to get that opportunity was because of not only my skill level, but connections I had.
In today’s world, you need to have a game plan, I found a program, where if I had to do it all over again, this is the exact blueprint that I would follow. It’s a 7 part video course, so that’s even better than a book, that you can follow to the T.Don’t fall victim to politics, you know what I mean.
They’re may be a guy/girl that you have dominated, were ranked higher than, or you know you were simply better than them, but they some how got a scholarship or a contract that you maybe didn’t get it, it was all about their connections. Remember that, skill alone won’t get unless you are playing at an high major D1 and you are in the media’s face everyday, if that’s not you, you need a solid game plan and this system gives it to you.